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released July 21, 2019


all rights reserved



JUICEB☮X New York, New York

JUICEB☮X. a beverage to some; replenishment for all. raised in the forest and shaped by the city, he drifts thru the night aiming to bring light to the shadows of the mind. turn the lights down low. light a candle & a spliffington. sit back, relax, press play & rock to the rhythm. ... more

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Track Name: Gypsy Crystal
no point in making it so hard
Track Name: Hard Choices, Easy Life (prod. Jomero)
you’ve been mixing up your mission
ways to fuel your intuition, oh oh
you’ve been thinking, overthinking
evey miniscule decision, oh oh
you’ve been missing tunnel vision
all because you never listen, oh oh
you can blame it on indifference
it won’t make the slightest difference, oho
you can have your superstitions
it will lead to thought division
stuck inside a television
you will never leave your prison, oh no

living in a vision that was never really given to ya
all you gotta do is find the rhythm in the sky
but you doubt yourself & you cloud yourself
but you gotta find a rhythm that'll open up your eyes
& i'm sorry for that, & i know that it's hard
but you don't gotta be a dealer to switch up your cards
so i can be an artist i don't need to be Picasso
odd flow, sing songs, got bars tho....
and i'm thinking of a vision with my eyes closed
i don't need your indecision, shut your pie hole
i've been living ever livid, what do i know?
repetition, better living is in my goals
& i need to make a difference
but i'm never gonna do it with my fist prints
this instance is all we're given
blind as an infant, divine as it sinks in
time, that is
something we can never really find that is
the only thing we can give before extinction
bringing me back to the point that you've been missing
it's in

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