Crazy Place

by JUICEB☮X & jinsang

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released March 30, 2018


all rights reserved



JUICEB☮X New York, New York

JUICEB☮X. a beverage to some; replenishment for all. raised in the forest and shaped by the city, he drifts thru the night aiming to bring light to the shadows of the mind. turn the lights down low. light a candle & a spliffington. sit back, relax, press play & rock to the rhythm. ... more

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Track Name: Here to Stay
all away
i'm lovin it all away
unaffected by the things they say
they will try to make you hate
but they aint never gonna see the way
theyre blinded by the break of day
as long as you and i are here to stay

everywhere i look i see some wild shit
all the so called grown ups actin childish
and im so far past all of the violent shit
i pack a peace without a trigger or a pile of clips
i wouldnt lie for the fifth
every life is precious
my statue of lieberty and uncle sam is a bitch
unplanned parenthood in unmanned neighborhoods
suntanned neighbors are concerned with if their skin is good
and we admit we would
use every ounce of good
to supersede the hate and greed
in which the man has stood
i understand it would be as hard as the places between the rights of the wife and child with sobbing faces
heart broken and outspoken the mind focus rhyme bogus dont mean nothin til we go out and show it
fuck show boating the boats rowing down an ocean of hopelessness the current is the current situation
we're impatient but we need to be
patient for the doctors sympathy for symmetry now i'm tracing
the thin line between the space of love and hate is adjecent to the battered mad hatter scattered pieces of a nation on the way to throw it

all away
i'm lovin it all away
unaffected by the things they say
they will try to make you hate
but they aint never gonna see the way
theyre blinded by the break of day
as long as you and i are here to stay

Track Name: Articuno
any moment apart from you
is pulling on the strings of my heart for you
pardoned through the often traveled darkest blue
territory auditory oughta tell a story in auditorium
autumn accord recording all for you
according to two way pulls like an accordion
fooled by any mortal men bruised by ego slaughtering
a cool breeze touches my cheek, i know it’s you though
a chill through my veins insane my articuno
a rare bird, even though you hate the species
i use the word wrong like someone saying reese’s pieces
forgive me, ya lift me ya give me a peek into eternity
swiftly, earnestly and briskly
we just see slightly ahead of us, never to get the best of us
it calls for a festivus, better run and
get the bus, bus it down, flick the light, fuck around
turn it on, turn around, heard the sound, turn it out
an adventure nothing less of a suspended note
a never-ending poem for the best friend that i’ve ever known
ever bending like a double helix can you feel it
a love that’ll leave cats silent like felix
yet reappearing, clutch when i think you can’t be more endearing
your spirit comes spearing with a feeling of intensity
plentifully effervescently recipe for a better me
and you know i love you for it
the best things in life are freedoms we can’t afford
for it is fortune, fat with four chins for that which is for us to fork it up to the wind
as a win, yet a win is but a loss that has blossomed
and nothing in this world could ever be more awesome (echo)

Track Name: Hiccup
he heard a hiccup on the pickup
losing his balance as the instrumental lift up
quintessential and essential to the rhythm of the pencil scribbling psilocybin gentleman
better yet i get a pen to make a ripple in eternity
triple my inner worth and be caught in certain uncertainty
i interrogated it thoroughly and it occurred to me that i bled the word burgundy
red; the color blurred to me
spread love as a currency
then i will be heard as the herd of sheep scurry flee

*run along now*

purple leaf urkel steez
fleur de lis
lillipad to helipad urgency
herbal tea
no one here is hurdle free, so sincere hyperbole
hyperbolic sugar free, turtle-neck turned in to trick up sleeve
hiccup returns with ease; a buffer from the natural
in a land where nobody can agree upon the factual
fuck a mumble rap statue flow
they could fall forever deep into the asses hole
hold up
i pulled the arrow back only to watch the string break
while they're concerned about where they're going for spring break
i do not associate with idiotic social fake parasitic opiates
9's, 10's, mopey mates
egos overweight em so that's what i overATE em
you could copy me verbatim but my hunger is to blame for

*movin' on now*

he heard a hiccup on the outro
so he decided that it was time to be out yo
you couldn't find him cause he's hidden in an alcove
didn't hit you with the hook, i didn't wanna knock you out colddd

i'll sing on the next one...

Track Name: Like Nothing's Wrong
why the fuck do you need a machine gun?
see, that is where the machine's won
split us up so that we can't be as one
where there's nowhere to run, is there justice for none?
i've never felt more alone and alienated
yet surrounded by the ones i love
i nearly made it to vacation when
devastation hit my nation again
wish i could say that i was late to the trend
gun lobbyists, pouring more money to the obvious wrong choice
the leader of our country needs a strong voice
inconsiderate hypocritical visions do nothing to promote integral decision flow
fear fosters hate -> hate clouds the way
push and shove, but love conquers all of the above
always easier said done
way less bright more dumb warriors hum to a song unsung
wrongs undone, i'm wishing
but thoughts and prayers never really did shit....

what the fuck's going on?!
we're acting like nothing's wrong

can't sleep again
bad thoughts creep in again
mass murder in the streets again
laughs turning into grief again
evil needs a friend
so many die before the evening ends
odds evening &
politician hogs feeding frenzy off greed and pens sign off evil agendas
media on repeat, shuffle, mute.
speak up, say the wrong thing, get the boot.
i'm exhausted
signed an ostracized lost kid who cries to rise among pines in the forfeited forest
four footed horse shit
horror of unfortunate forces have morphed into the norm it's sickening
and all i wanna do is make a change
til i got shot down by the man in the shooting range like....

what the fuck's going on?!
we're acting like nothing's wrong

Track Name: Nobody Knows
theres no stopping the coffin, i think about it often
so my imagination is what i seem to be lost in
grinding like koston fucking miss fortune
i misplaced my glasses at the time she looked gorgeous
i know i can’t dodge what is cracked up to happen
i realize the odds and the facts as a fashion
of life, but look at how it dresses you
i am impressed that the stress doesn’t get to you
but suffice it to say love is everything
and it’s really quite simple at the end of the day
to think i really might miss you if you weren’t the way
i use the thought of you to push me to a positive play
a fire burns in me that urges me to be blind to urgency
i refine the currency that defines my current scene
no need to compromise time
for what it’s worth i would give you all of mine
the greatest gift and it’s far from material
even after burial your love will be ethereal
for cereal, king of my own fate imperial
chrome plates appear to you, so great to hear from you
and i wouldn’t change a moment
i float upon a purple potion the size of an ocean
devotion, i never knew the word until you closed in
i’m going to implosion sang a portion of my soul strings
we don’t know what happens when we die
we don’t know the reason for the sky
yet here are you & i, my what a surprise
connected by an intangible, invisible eye
you are the catalyst that catapults protagonist
to contemplate his exodus from tenuous agenda twists
i stand upon a precipice of excellence
and overlook the evidence of man-kinds endlessness
but we never factored in our negligence
pretentiousness; everything we know will have an end in this
even the sun will burst into flames
and that’s okay

Track Name: Kodoma

bring irontown down x 2

raised by wolves (she was raised by wolves) - call & response?
(swore) another human soul could never make her whole
until i told her she was beautiful

bring irontown down
far gone
is the day of moving on
watching over me
in a forest full of trees
bring irontown down
darkness makes a plea
in the form of corruption
chopped down trees for the mass consumption

giant night-walker light firefly stalker
tall grass inhabitant spirit of the sky
i was too late to save you from the savages
nowadays evil is a trait that is average
i often feel as if im the only one
a crusader and a savior with good behavior
positive intentions
can’t we all just be?
i guess not in capitalistic society
notoriety anxiety no sobriety no variety
am i blind or did i just see
innocence swept under the fire debris?
echoes in the mountains
spirits that are calling
swimming in the fountains
towering trees falling
prince stereo no k, not high on yayo
give me a ghibli and call me a day old
im not a pig i just wanna save the forest
run like gump but im a chump if i forfeit?
they have guns and violent tendencies
i have heart and i intend to be
a companion a champion
a lover a fool
with eyes wide shut, make a wolf outta you
when you know what to do but you don’t then you lose

bring irontown down x 2

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