Bon Voyager


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released August 11, 2017


all rights reserved



JUICEB☮X New York, New York

JUICEB☮X. a beverage to some; replenishment for all. raised in the forest and shaped by the city, he drifts thru the night aiming to bring light to the shadows of the mind. turn the lights down low. light a candle & a spliffington. sit back, relax, press play & rock to the rhythm. ... more

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Track Name: Apastron
i got a paralyzed pair of eyes in paradise
apparent i was analyzing tantalizing you
the atrocity of animosity is possibly the most toxic thing that we could ever do
pick a path: socio or psycho
to the stars one day is where i might go
i'm hypnotized by a double edged sword, going for it
fuck it, theres nothing to lose when the light goes
i've been thinking diffently about it as of late
as if my brainstorm rained on the mainframe
carrying the weight of a freight train
dilated my eyes stay
i skate away straight harder than my heart rate
palpatate alphamate, eating off a contemplate
spoonin' but i'm tryna fork kiniving im driving off
surviving the hardest course of action with a passion that is passing off the torch
i'm chilling on a porch i'm in and out of orbit never forfeit for fortunate forces are forward motion horses and carriages havoc is rapidly dashing hazardly ever after my crappily crafted madness the laughter
*ha *ha *ha
it's all funny to me
no not a joke
but a cosmic comic that speaks
high off the reef
high tide fall out your seat
the shy sky smiled from the cheek
the wise eye sees and doesn't speak
it's time we shut up and let it be
i dont wanna think don't ever think it couldn't be
not just in me but everything

get it out
you know you're missing out
just let it go
no more waiting now
no more waiting around

high hopes in low places
faceless racists
occupy the space where the hate is
space ships i'd rather be on
navigated by a serenading alien lady with all of her neon
serendipitous instances occur and put me on
energy forms: forever reborn........
i got a pair of eyes that's paralyzed in paradise
apparent i was sympathizing tryna get thru
the atrocity of my philosophy is that it's written but it never got read by you
change the topic again
another chop and a blend
another stop in the bend
another operable friend
another obvious trend
another dollar you spend
another card in your hand
another possible end

Track Name: Bon Voyager
i beg the question: "answer me"
cosmic joker, vagrant thief
staring back are the eyes in my mirror
when did i become a shiver on your spine?

i don't know
can you make it on your own, without a goal?

i don't know.

i don't know
where it is i'm going but i'm going

to a picture that is bigger than the brush itself
i was rushing towards the rabbit
tryna trust myself
but i fell. head first oblivious to change
that's when i knew that nothing here could ever stay the same
i don't care where it goes
i need you and the road
i can't stay when it goes
only one way here we go
again with the backwards
acrobacks when the past is path you already passed
the way i feel?
we just want to our lives to be real

it's all we ever wanted

Track Name: Amnesia
inhibited you contributed to my demise
unlimited energy flies within your eyes
isn't it splendid?
the memory rise from ashes wise as the phoenix
and no arizona is not the reason
i'm teasing', feindin for a reason for my being
for my being is reaching heights albeit i can see it
high power, i would give you all of my sour
if you give me your sweetness, deflowering your weakness
he's towering, the heat is without a doubt the deepest
loose legs rock the boat cradled with creatures
1 if by land, 2 if by sea, 3 if you ever came looking for me
4 i cannot describe my life when i look to your eyes
i melt and felt my demise
hell froze and eyes cried tears of fire
to hit the wide angle lens perched on the tripod in the sky
i see it from a very different view
i see it in your eyes you see it too
this life is beautiful and so are you
sincerely yours,
another human searching for the truth

i see no reason why
you had to change your mind
you forgot it

attention spans: 6 seconds at the wave of a hand
our adolescence is to blame for our stance
we had a question left unanswered for 16 years
but then we smoked a little pot and we drank a couple beers
here's to better days
a forever gaze
blank-staring apparent homeostasis on a case by case basis
the pace is escaping.
and we don't have the nerve to regain our patience
a sad story with a happy ending
a never-ending escalation of the mad pretending
inebriation of a nation with a knack for spending
deactivation of the mind and you're not acting friendly
another gap in space in time but we were never ready
but if we tune it out and try we could be levitating
if you feel it, act upon it, games belong on the shelf
life is too fucking short to keep everything to yourself

i see no reason why
you had to change your mind
you forgot it

you oughta say you want it
before it leaves you haunted


JUICEB☮Xbon voyagerspacenewNY914alienplanetspurplebassamnesiaHip Hop
Track Name: Ultraviolet
you’re never really promised today
so i promise that i'll be on my way
i'm ready to go, go, go, go-ohh
i'm a zombie now gimme your brain
i was looking for a reason to change
i wanted to grow, grow, grow, grow-ohh

nowadays nothin feels structural
fuckin’ every single person is untouchable
7 planets away of gettin’ close to you
maybe that's the reason i'm feeling uncomfortable
you know all i ever wanted was to be close to you
another flower for the misses unapproachable
oh oh oh oh

up front living is the actual
know that i would never ever turn my back to you
even if the sky came crashing down
i would be the one to bring it back around
just to give you my all

you need not cut slack at all
had a light year goin’ hard in the stars
tryin’ not to take shit personal
so i’m breathin’ like i mean it with the earth and all
hurt so much take a tylenol
but i never really ever gave a fuck at all

spare me all the trivialties
you dot your i's and cross all of your t's
i never thought that i would ever see
you fall

the light which blinds is ultraviolet violent violin string up leviathan
higher than vikadin, vodka and oxygen
optimum opticals watchin’ the options spin
can't make up your mind
never ending treasure hunt and when you finally find
the gold mine in a shrine your mind is like "EH"
fuck it now im bored so i’m lookin’ over "HERE"
amnesia to the synesthesia
beauty all around but you never even see the implications
light up the reefer: fuck it.
presenting my heart but nobody wanna touch it
i been thinkin' bout it about it like all day
i been overthinkin’ about in all ways
i be overthinkin’ about like all ways
all ways, all ways...............

Track Name: Quasar

hit em with a lil bit of rhythm from the start
if i feel it in my soul then i do it from the heart
i was the given the price of livin i disregard the charge
a savant with a might like god carryin on
this time of year i'm usually down low
stop all your frontin and give me a download
if you listening, glistening, baby show me love!
it is what it is, man fuck it was
maybe just enough to begin to gettin' a glimpse
all i really want is the feel of her fingertips
all for the love of loving to reminisce
i stare into her eyes and it's like a lunar eclipse
this one's gotta be different from the others
this one's gotta be different cause i love her
green alien lady prestine availability
landed in my vicinity brilliant like no other
she don't even know me i doubt that she ever will
doing it for the love of the thrill of keepin it real
laserbeam dreams supreme catchin' a feel
i dont give a fuck if it's luck i want it for real
look now saw her in a UFO
asked for her name and she said: "no"
not sure if it was a language barrier
saw her sippin' in 51 area
lit up my life let's face the facts:
all she knows is arts and space crafts
all i need is space and face paps
i took a hit of this & i took a hit of that
zap! to the heart with a blue raygun
she said that her mission was clear from day one
destroy all humans by seducing them all
and head back when she finish the job

lime green skin, purple hair
3 bigs tits and a derrière
voice sound like greek island sirens
a look into her eyes and you see the mileage
said our planet was way beyond help
lightyears away from mental health
somehow someway i dodged her tricks
and i gave her a kiss on her violet lips
at that moment i infected her
her immune system wasn't ready for earth
and one kiss from an american dude
turned her bright green skin to blue
weeks went by and we fell in love
she put me on to all the alien drugs
walks in the park trips in her ship
my alien chick is the god damn shit!
one day we went out for lunchin'
in the great eyes of the american public
camera flashes, media was evident
word caught wind and got back to the president
and he didn't seem to be pleased with her
an orange skin creature with a lot of nerve
i thought she was staying in america now
but she was an alien, president kicked her out
so now i'm on a mission beyond space and time
to trek to the stars to find my space dime
and no man woman or satelite could stop me
ima stay searchin until my autopsy
fuck the color of your skin
be it black, white, brown or alien
my president is orange but im colorblind
my only alien love is what im trying to find

Track Name: Headspace Invaders
magnetic force field pulling me close
pathetic morse code tapping my pulse
synthetic course planned, the moment approached
feet planted i froze
my old friend anxiety took a hold
now tell me where do i go?
coordinates are insubordinate, no
an auto pilot riot right in my soul
now if my planet moves slow
i have about 3 minutes to go
though it'll feel like an eternity floats
it burns when he spoke
now the tenses getting tenser and oh,
speckled vision fade to black, where'd i go?
tingling sensations create permutations
my brain is calculating how to get back home
miserable and alone
there's no consoling soaring in a black hole
imploring tactics that could make me whole
please take me home
cold sweat hot head no toes
red dot, snot nose, not known
i'm somewhere else right now where time lingers
where shadows play freeze tag, hands with 9 fingers
where shallow doesn't exist, it only gets deeper
blocked out, locked out, no people
shocked how clock hands clench my very ego
condensed into evil, fenced into upheaval
hence my current eagle eye view over my easel
black and white paint claim pain sorry to leave to you
*i dont feel too good right now* x2
*i think i need to just breathe it out* x2
i see my vision coming back to me
i feel my inner spirit actually
i'm back.
and my body's feeling heavenly
it's like i never even failed to see
and just like that:
i've never felt so good as now
and i've never felt as good as now

after the attack my body is at peace. a wave of euphoria rushes through my trembling body. the color rushes back into my face as i am now able to see again. 3 minutes. 180 seconds. stretched over what felt like a small lifetime. the duality of pain and pleasure is evident.

Track Name: Planemo
mother star where you are is where i have to be
i used to orbit you until a change in gravity sadly created tragedy
now i drift alone in space unknown this place is lonely only cause it has to be
they say it was written the script had been given
to higer powers to determine decisions with such precision
i truly wonder if anything is coincidence
from time to time i arise in such a predicament in which the very factors
that led to these very instances
lead me to ponder the sonder of all of the existences
billions of intimate participants
are scattered across a speck of dust that shimmers in the distant mist
to reminisce in and of itself is a funny concept
for our realitys tense is that of a present constant
previously i had mentioned the strange duality
between pain and pleasure the measure of abnormality

that i don’t know
i won't go

i think we've stumbled through a black hole
to an alternate universe where everyone's an asshole
i don't remember it being like this in 1996 when i was just a snot nose
now the road on which i travel's full of potholes
the judges gavel doesn’t seem to have the same goal
oh no! information overload!
low blows are handed by the ones you know
stop and frisk the existential optimist is pissed off by the worlds plot twist
there's a rift in our oculus that must be fixed we fuss and fight but don’t do shit
we need to have a simple conversation
sit down to sort out all of the speculation
i wander cold and alone connected almost
to 7 billion other lone souls in the cosmos

that i don’t know
i won't go


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