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released February 27, 2018


all rights reserved



JUICEB☮X New York, New York

JUICEB☮X. a beverage to some; replenishment for all. raised in the forest and shaped by the city, he drifts thru the night aiming to bring light to the shadows of the mind. turn the lights down low. light a candle & a spliffington. sit back, relax, press play & rock to the rhythm. ... more

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Track Name: Chameleon Eyes (prod. I Eat Plants for a Living)
chameleon eyes that change for me
silent looks scream faithfully
existential alchemy
got your heart enlarging palpably
a million eyes i must have seen
only yours would change for me
blind to colors i cant see
green to brown infinity
hands are slowly drifting south
quiet smiles escape your mouth
i get lost in the midst of you
offering me cause im onto you
chameleon eyes that raise the grade
minds are made in retrograde
jigsaw vision in front of me
cause im puzzled by the power of the corner piece

one time gotta give you my all
you're my girl

the wind and the trees will talk of you
in languages i wish knew
speak to me from eyes of green
supply me a dream that i'll believe
a web that spins in light of you
im outta of my body inside of you
you got chilly bones so i'll keep you warm
upon vibrations in the physical form
every night you're down for us
every night youre down to fuck
shake that body like its understood
feel it in your soul like a lover should

i fell
you fell
we fell
we fell

Track Name: So What? (prod. JUICEB☮X)
hey, I really got nothin' to say.
so what? maybe I'm out of touch.

spiritually divine with a jumpstart kick-in
somewhere along the line became numb to the feeling
and even though I try, still I am not near it
though I can taste it, I can feel it, I can hear it
I much prefer the forest than the system in which we're living
the population say a lot of shit, but don't listen
so how are you going to say that you don't love another person
when the chains on your brain are why your soul stopped searching?
the energy is dispersing......and I wonder if i'm worth it
compliments of the over thin king overworking
but nevertheless this is a journey
where the sun rays burn me and the waves may turn me
i've been waking up early to catch the sunrise
it feels like i'm staring into the One's eyes
it feels right, appears right, but i ain't convinced
cause everything seems to switch when it feels best

Track Name: Can't Stay Away (prod. l o k a ! )
i won't waste my time
so please make up your mind
i am waiting on the line
i couldn't stay away even if i tried

what she has in the body is what she lacks in the mind:
depth; why is it so difficult to find?
the ratio between looks and personality creates a strange duality that has been plaguing mankind
i'm in the inside looking out for ya
i don't pull out, pray for real that the pill work for ya
i'm still and i wanna build for ya
breaking laws of attraction need a real ill lawyer
my existential mind would pencil in a place & time
to meet you in the deepest waters of conversation alligned
but alas, when i initiate you depreciate
your body is the only thing i do appreciate
but hey, does that make me selfish?
two sides of a coin that i flip to a well wish
blue boy and ooh boy if only i could tell this to you, but i keep it to me know the truth set you free
not to say shes not sweet, cause shes so hot to me, but shes just not for me
another modern day quarter life lust story
foolin around with eachother in purgatory

Track Name: Brian Wilson (prod. WES WAX)
i wilson it's a new day
i saw a blue jay fly into a bouquet of flowers in the cool shade; hours pass
i wouldnt've of noticed if i hadn't seen the hourglass falling thru the shallow grass
i paddle fast on the river of my rattled past
waterfall futuristic automatic falling back
intrinsic implements of living, where's the essence at?
digital age but we putting it on WAX!
i need a rhythm not a gimmick fuck a critic
type ironic that i truly do prefer the sound of crickets
i guess it's in my nature to be on a hillside
watching clouds collide like a kaleidoscope in real time
the spontaneity is growing in occurrence
need no assurance it'll make my soul flourish
it gets nourished and replenishes its purpose
just to further show that everything is deeper than the surface
we get to working just to make another purchase
but the feeling for which we search is the void we yearn to be curing
of this i'm certain
thought they started the show but your eyes were behind the curtain

let it out now
won't let it happen again
a deep breath, exhale, see your problems fly away in the wind
so let it out now
you're never gonna know
you gotta put the pieces down
for the sweetest thing in life is letting go

i wilson i'm feeling blue/gray
i saw a new day hop into the rearview mirror of a true space; how bout that?
i couldn't of noticed if i hadn't felt the narrow path closing on my arrows tracks
the cattle laugh cause i was cheesing with a battle axe
choppin' it up while i'm haven' a laugh, in the back of my head i was thinking about:
this, that & the third, i'm ready to get back to the cure
for love of the love that i observe, becoming the one stop for the world
i would be happy to throw it away for the core of emotion will wither away
what we feel for a moment is nothing to take so seriously, it is what you make
so why are you making a big deal out of it?
deep breath and you will get out of it
till death it'll breach, better to teach cause i've been in and out of it
oh my god! oh my god! the feeling i'm feeling is indescribable
couldn't find it in the bible bro
you're never gonna know until you understand you gotta

let it out now
won't let it happen again
a deep breath, exhale, see your problems fly away in the wind
so let it out now
you're never gonna know
you gotta put the pieces down
for the sweetest thing in life is letting go

Track Name: Blankface Handshake (prod. jinsang)
criss-crossed brain waves
medium rare pain steaks
blankface handshake
man makes man hate
and wait: it'll get better when the plan shakes
damn straight
american primate sweepstakes
he takes 3 days she stays home
he plays games and she don't know
she could do better better believe it holmes
her heart is with the fam but she don't believe in home
shit faced spray mace
protect your own
this place good grace
hate is all we know
one nation under who the fuck knows?
blindly pledge allegiance with eagerness for your foes
i fold with a straight flush
cause even if i play my cards right
they're gonna say i got it wrong, what the fuck?
i duck, cause shots fired
it's bugged and i'm tired
i close my eyes but yet i stay wired

blue collar collard greens
who hollered "call the queen" ?
oops oughta ball for team
troops shootin' children scream
loot killing rape and dream
lazerbeam reign supreme
in between love and hate
is room for compromise it seems that no lives matter
i hold my bladder
cause i'm fucking pissed off they turned the bridge into a ladder
all day all great; that's not true
all state all hate rat race news
black, white, yellow, brown, red
color hues
never meant shit to this colorblind dude
being nice is like a vice i pay the price for being rude
cause day and night i fight a fight that i was destined to lose
wish for peace and peace wishes for true shit
a country that's red white and blue it.

there's no way to misconstrue it
we've gone and lost our minds what are we doing?!

Track Name: Dawn (prod. VINK)
inconceivable is often misconstrued as impossible
open up your optical to avoid all the obstacles
i got soul inside my vocal box and i could go
24 hours in a row off of a single flow
warm blooded the room flooded with love
it's every where and everything you need to be above it
i got it, breathing deeper living in the pocket
karma coming back for the fact that you never lost it
my thought is, if you think it you can do it
yes in and of itself i got rhythm like a fluid
go do it, gotta do it, keep it movin'
can't you see philanthropy handsomely in my movement?
move it, push it to the limit you can do it
don't let anybody tell you that you're stupid
erase negativity slowly making improvements
if any one can do it, best believe it's you kid

i say, my ways been getting better every day
i believe in the powers that be however and whatever it may
i'm okay, everything's good right now, everything's gonna be okay

unbelievable how a single day can change the meaning to
any thing you truly ponder on meaningful spiritual
i've been thinking different since reading into the visuals
of which present themselves eloquently through feelings
pivotal movements alter my axis putting me on track
it's an utterly fantastical radical dope fact
that my spirit is in tact creative river on a raft
motion of the ocean locomotive on the path
it's amazing, that one single day can really change me
think one way and it shall be if it was meant
ways back always been an overthin king
but i let it out with my sing-sing swing
i can see it now when we step into the spring
now give em a breather, let the kid do his thing

Track Name: Hawaii (prod. jinsang)
why i always try
i'll never know
hawaii is in the sky
and i'm home

things are better off when i'm alone

when i'm alone, or rather on an island i created for my own
i drift upon a force made from emotions that i know
and float upon a sky that is purple with overtones
burning orange surfaces and coral clouds of smoke
its pouring out my soul, a feeling i cannot control
god willing cause i'm willing to start breaking down the walls
we've been confined to a pile of lies as i rise above
to find my life's love theres only one
moment livin' if you think about the circumstances given
which i try to do alas all the distractions are like pigeons
dropping shit on my existence, but hawaii is in the sky
so if i try and close my eyes to envision a place where i
can go to lie my head to rest i guess everything will be fine
if anythings out of line i'll make sure it's back in it's right
palm tree steez please come into my life
cool breeze we coincide it's very nice
soon she's fine, and so close to being mine
so very close to being mine, so very focused on her time
that her life passes her by and her sun no longer shines
if i could live this life again i'd have you right here by my side

Track Name: Backroad$ (prod. JUICEB☮X)
i think about it everyday with some anxiety
trapped in a backwards society
where white kids drop the N bomb more than black kids
and little girls twerk in their middle school classes
media desensitizes everything that happens
seeing other peoples pain and laughing? no compassion
dignity disappeared like magic
its tragic, ego wont help you when it matters

nowadays everything is backwards as such:
dudes want the relationship girls just wanna fuck
the systems corrupt, gas prices are up
peoples heads up their butts, this is not how it should run
text messages i-phones computers
the act of conversation gets lost in the ruins
if the eye contact is only made thru screens
then how can we see what we truly mean?

find beauty in the little things fuck a dollar bill
what would you do if the money wasn't real?

i don't care about versace, diamonds or miley cyrus
its a virus, everywhere you look you can find it
be honest and you will find happiness and solace
get your brain polished with knowledge
if i like to read books does that make me lame?
my necklace is string while you're trapped in chains
my setlist explains how my brain ain't the same
my mind frame is a crazy dream

i wanna talk about death with you, does that make me crazy?
bullshit chit-chat about this and that
never interested me i'm telling you baby
introspection reflection is where its at
lost hollywood children with the MTV dreams
living life with eyes closed, only doing what they see
only being what they think everyone wants them to be
which is the same, which is lame, which is not how it should be

find beauty in the little things fuck a dollar bill
what would you do if the money wasn't real?

Track Name: Wake In The Morning (prod. WES WAX)
i do not want to remember
forget about yesterday
saw the ember in september
now i see the icy rain
once the weather was better than it was now, so why complain?
i don't see the point in pointing out the things that i can’t change
i've been breathing the same air since way back in my diaper days
do you think that i would be who i am now?
i rearrange
everything is nothing if nothing matters then what's the same?
everything’s misunderstood, so what is good? and what is strange?
everything is different depending on who you're asking
but at the end of the day the truth is what we are masking
the proof is lost the banter there’s people losing to anger
there’s people dying of cancer, nobody’s finding the answers
as i sit in the grass
and lay upon my back watching the clouds all interact
sun falls to the west as my heart falls into my chest
the stars areyes that look to mine to think my life is but a mess
would i trade it for anything else? probably yes
for what i do not know, but all my stress i soon forget
sometimes i wake in the morning feeling nothing less than impressed
that i have so much more to learn and more to give the more i'm blessed
yes, Yes ,YEs, YES
i would bet another breath
that all my breath is better left inside my chest
for i do not want to remember forget about yesterday
i'm living for a better day, every day, any day, any day, any day…….

so, i take my time
and don't think about that i may not shine
mayday i, fall out the sky like a satellite, willing to make my eyes
see it from a different perspective
& you don't have to like it but god damnit respect it
nowadays everyday wanna talk mad shit, still do nothing
they truly live for bluffin'
4 years away in college
must've got a degree in frontin'
i think about it often: sometimes i think too much
to think i think i know it all, like you think it's enough
i don't wanna remember that i was born in september
had to've been warned that the ember burns when you're in my center
of gravity had you ever been happy you'd more than surrender
your guard as you enter back to where nothing is pleasure.
deep breaths, blackness, lack stress, mad blessed
past steps, passed this, last kiss
mad bliss, as if, tragic, past shit,
matters, when it's just this.

Track Name: Play Doh (prod. jinsang)
i've got a burning desire like a fire fighting a riot
i'm risin' higher and higher, marijuana got you tired
meanwhile i'm whiling, wired, be quiet
admire the choir quietly riding the sky
a pilot couldn't fly into the clouds as you try and make mama proud
i'm a spectacle none the less don't think less of what is around
WOW! by golly and good gosh the kid is dope
quotes that'll put lyrical ropes around the throats
of the so called G.O.A.T.S. getting repeated on the radio
that titty sucking' on aereolas *that kid is crazy yo!*
but got his shit together like lego pieces and playing dough
hey and ho, hip-hip hooray chasin' some shady choche
peace love and respect to the god
i got a log she wanna log on, on to the next pawn
i'm 22 and never learned to play chess
this life is about truth, so frontin' is pointless
you run your mouth like its a game you're getting' a point less
the only train you run is when you're late to appointments
i got a problem with the majority of authority figures
the problem only gets bigger counting the hours on my fingers
9-5 is funny work a 6-5 for money
i'm bugging' bunny, bi-polar i hate it, love it,
i'm running in circles, while the squares try and work you
and the government jerk you, i smell bullshit in the air but its only perfume
is it worth it? to scarifice what you hold near and dear because its workin'?
or will you disappear within a year cuz you deserve it?
when the magic song you hear reminds of you of your lifes purpose
you come to realize it's deeper than the surface
i've been working harder than i ever did
the better kid is showing his true colors its the predicate
better get, your shit together like a plumber piping in the summer
it's a bummer how these so called artists running for cover

Track Name: The People (prod. WES WAX)
i gotta kill it every single damn day
till the people in japan say
konichiwa to your man okay
till the mexicans all say ole
till the people out in germany who never heard a me want a word with me
till the people out in amsterdam wanna thank ya man with the dankest grams
the rhythm and the beat'll make you move your feet
you wanna move with me? you gotta groove with me
i gotta vision that i want even the moon to see
with the precision of so many women moonin' me
so i wont take no for an answer
she said she's a cancer, she said she's a dancer
so move for me
till the people out in texas wanna roll out in a lexus
and drink so much beer in excess, the only way that they can express
till the people out in africa are comin after ya for me to wrap it up
if there were people in antarctica ice cold but i make it hot for ya
make every driver park it up, dogs bark at us, moms spark it up
switch this mother fuckin' market up, and make music for the people that are often lost
they wonder why i do it in every genre, cuz i feel it on and on and
i wont stop till i'm in london, spreading smiles and feeling lovely
miles and miles uncharted countries
where i will be, skies above me
sun is rising, people smiling, we arrive the journey never dies
till the people in the poconos go and poke their nose to smell the open rose
meanwhile traveling the open roads, coast to coast, hoping to grow
till the people in afghanistan, lay their weapons in the sand
hand in hand in harmony, singing middle eastern R&B
till the people in the ukraine come together in a new way
war is not the answer put your gun down put your hands up
tyranny, forces of evil, poverty and dirty needles
we all need to see we're equal, if we want to be the sequel
of the past life, of the the bad life, we can switch it around if we act right
they're telling me thats right, we prevail if we're bringing it back right
so i wont take no for an answer, we all gotta stand up, we all gotta man up
and move the street
till the people out there in peru, dance atop macchu picchu
to the universal language, music ends the anguish

come together now, i want everyone to see forever now
you probably think im being clever now
but it truly is simple if we sort it out
doin it up, theres really no use in screwing it up
in the people i trust, i do it for you and i do it for us
i do it to death, i do it for love
i do it to live, i do it because
i do it cuz i do it and i'm doin well
what are doing if you're moving backwards for real?
the rhythm and the beat'll make you move your feet
you wanna move with me ? you gotta groove with me
i got a vision that i want even the moon to see
with the precision of so many women moonin' me
so i wont take no for answer, we all gotta stand up, we all gotta man up
and move the street

Track Name: UnKNOwn (prod. JUICEB☮X)
goodness gracious
a single flower pokes his head thru cracks in the pavement
to devour your statement
like: "yes i can"
fuck your doubt
open your eyes
shut your mouth
birds fly south
they don’t even think about it
intuition is natures precision, there's no doubt about it
the line is dotted when the mind is crowded
at the time i had whispered when it was known that i should have shouted
you know what they say about hindsight it's 2020
i wish and hope we get our minds right by 2020
living in bluffington ain’t nothing doug funnie
cloudy with a chance of nuclear war, push of a button and its over sonny
i know its pitiful i get political, but fuck it...
a sinking hole for the cynical and disguistbuckets
trust nothing but my gut but im upchuckin'
i want nothin but a lil lovin'

when the clouds opened up
and so did my mind
came to realize that we are really one of a kind
another day; sun ray that i admire
crack a smile; watch it spread like wildfire
bike chain brain pump the breaks pump the breaks
came to realize that there is nothin i should chase
i don't fate-wait i am the destination
ain't nothin UnKNOwn cause U KNO it's hesitation

i'm back at it like a crack addict
in a packed attic in my mind where there's mad static
and memories tragic
plentiful traffic; thoughts collide and divide like cracked atoms explosions are back to back
snap back to reality: i was just overthinkin' again
had me reachin' for my pad and my pen
writing again, me and my ego fighting again
lighting the end of the L to make me enlightened again
i can see clearly now that the rain is falling
one more split, yeah now my destiny calling
you go on an ego trip but your luggage gets lost
and now there's nothing left to do but regroup and pay the cost
life is but a journey that's merrily down the stream
but we paddle upstream for a dollar and a dream
not certain if there's something all seeing
but it's worth it to treat others like we're on the same team

& the clouds opened up
and so did my mind
came to realize that we are really one of a kind
another day; sun ray that i admire
crack a smile; watch it spread like wildfire
bike chain brain pump the breaks pump the breaks
came to realize that there is nothin i should chase
i don't fate-wait i am the destination
ain't nothin UnKNOwn cause U KNO it's hesitation

Track Name: Tension Suspension (prod. Melanin 9)
so i paid attention to suspension of my tension

it's a quarter to two feelin' broken and blue
but fuck it i feel alive so i don't hate it its cool
where ever you go just make sure that it's you
and not another force trying to make its way through
back stabbers & vultures
madhatters and hostesses rentin' out their emotions
it's very popular notice it's all around you just open your eyes, it's over i'm over it.
a golden clover hit frozen inside an ocean of hopelessness
feel the breeze. feel the ocean mist.
the wicked mystery that tortures you at night and makes you close your fist
i ain't a violent guy
don't need an alibi
just need another minute to reflect upon the whole condition

so i paid attention to suspension of my tension

taking a step from the background
i realize what i see now
that person is just not me now
my purpose is more in the meanwhile
so, a breath is taken
overlooked a situation NOW i'm situated
as we observe the turn of tables and perspectives changing
the bigger picture unfolds across a canvass that's ancient
we couldn't understand until we saw the page was stuck
i guess that's what we get for skimming and not giving a fuck
stuck in the undertow of information overload
a wave of reality could not save me from my sinking boat
i cast a line and catch another 20 feet of hope
only to fall into a whirlpool with heavy flow somebody saying grab the rope

so i paid attention to suspension of my tension

Track Name: Sunny Day (prod. VINK)
i’m in your ear like the abstract
underground in the corner like a rat-trap
composed of ups & downs like the nasdaq
though i wouldn’t exchange jack for where i’m at
not my cage, or my trade or a nickel, son
nowadays it’s like the game is mad fickle, son
all the umbling and mumbling is troublesome
the influence i’m under one, under the sun i won
a brighter vision with the slight precision
i write a rhythm in hopes to excite diction for no division
i use my insight not to incite but to invite the mission to no more indecision

and that’s the way
a sunny day

swing an LP in my subaru cruisin’
jazz, hip-hop, a lil rhythm and blues and
the sun shines bright on the road to the riches
though i don’t judge wealth by mad bitches and digits
all i wanna do is get high and play music
lucid, lose stress blazing therapeutic
i’m sick, doctor said i got a germ in me
so i’m heading overseas to find a cure out in munich
if i do a find a remedy, i’m sure it’s from the traveling
happiness is not judged by laws and gaveling
i’m rambling, even if i’m lost i’m not scrambling
granted that i took a chance and threw it like a javelin
babbling, take it on the chin and get it back again
it’s happening, every single thing that’s ever passing him
is one step closer fulfilling the inner passion
for passion it pays off and no it’s not by accident

and that’s the way
a sunny day

every thing happens for a reason
the sun will shine in every season
there ain't no use in not believing
it all remains if you’re not leaving

and so the story goes of the warrior and foes
in fear the hero froze, adhered to the unknown
but the chance to be taken is a possibility
that could open up the door to your dreams and set you free
so hop out the whip and cop a plane ticket
be like the breeze spliff hit get winded
roots are important but the tree needs to grow
and i think you need to go (go go go go go go)

and that’s the way
a sunny day

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